John Mortimer

I am an experienced manager and consultant, with the breadth of working in a global engineering multinational, the UK public sector, health, and manufacturing. This background has allowed me to view any situation with the maturity gained from of a wide breadth of experience; to assess problems and understand their context, making sense of the complexity found in today’s modern organisations. I have come across most ’best practice’ initiatives in my time, and in one organisation alone, been part of three global system re-organisations in operating structure. My work has taken me to live in the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and China.

Primarily my strength lies in my ability to understand the nature of the problems an organisation is facing. Then working with the senior managers to plan and lead change, through to transforming the organisation in terms of performance, work flows, people, and leadership.

I follow no rigid methodology, as the assistance I give is dependent on the situation. What I do is to apply clear principles of change, that are founded in the empirical work of John Seddon’s consultancy, the Vanguard Method, Lean service, and systems thinking methodologies.